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Title: "Once in a Lifetime" 

ISBN: 978-0-9940508-0-9

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ONCE IN A LIFETIME (The Preface - written by Erin Linn McMullan)


The first time I heard Ursula Banke read her captivating memoir, I was intrigued by the idea of the omniscient and loving grandmother watching over her granddaughter’s life. It seemed such a unique voice and perspective from which to tell Ursula’s own story as well as her family history. That her grandmother, “Iffi” never met her grandchild invested this story with a special magic.   


It is not surprising then that Ursula pursues a dream sparked by the prediction of a fortune-teller, who, while in a trance, says she will someday marry a sailor, have five children and live beside a big forest in a cabin surrounded by a picket fence. She is promised, “You will live a life of great hope.” 


In the process, she discovers that you can make your own happiness. Living off-grid on remote Beck Island, outside Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast, Ursula and her husband find the perfect home to raise their family.


Artist, musician, author, Ursula’s inspiring story reminds us all that the true artistry is in choosing to fearlessly create the life you want for yourself.  



Erin Linn McMullan, Editor